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What is World Expo?

World Expos are global hallmark events staged every five years by a bid-winning nation to celebrate a themed range of cultural, technological and innovative wonders from participating countries. World Expos are a vital meeting point for international participants to share their innovations through dedicated and uniquely designed national pavilions or shared exhibition spaces.

Exhibitors utilise this key meeting point to promote the exchange of ideas and new developments in world economy, cultural, science and technology sectors so as to showcase their achievements and cementing international relations.

Every five years, millions of visitors discover and explore exhibitions, pavilions and events displayed by over 300 nations, international organisations and businesses.

World Expos are rated as one of the top three mega-events globally in terms of economic and cultural impact, alongside the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Each World Expo is unique and accentuates a universal theme that allows for visitor discovery and experimentation.